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Beatrix - large

Large-area concrete pavement with embossed relief

Beatrix is a two-layer concrete pavement with embossed relief, made of durable river sand and portland cement. The pavement is deeply impregnated during its own production to improve the resistance of the paving surface to the abrasion, to create a water repellent layer and to deepen the tint and colour of the pavement.

600x600x40 mm
Tile weight
32 kg


This large pavement is used for the construction of terraces of family houses, outdoor atriums, sidewalks, walkways and park areas, without moving cars and trucks. Paving can be laid in a gravel bed, a concrete bed or polypropylene pedestals.

Technical specification

Dimensions (mm)
The weight of the tile (kg)
Basis weight (kg.m-2)
Tensile strength after bending (N.mm-2)
min. 5
Abrasion (cm3.50 cm-2)
max. 25
Number of tiles on a pallet
Number of m2 per pallet
The weight of pallet (kg)
Water absorption
Content of Ra 226 (Bg/kg)
Slip resistance

Laying an area with large concrete or terrazzo paving

Large concrete and terrazzo paving can be laid in various ways according to the customer's options, the terrain and the use of the laid surface.

The paving is laid in semi-dry concrete or gravel, 2-5mm or 4-8mm fraction on the prepared gravel area, depending on the terrain and the substrate, which is in place. Said solution is suitable due to the seepage of water into the subsoil, and thus remains in same place. The paving can be laid at the joint or plastic or rubber base pedestals can be used to specify the joints between the tiles.

The current modern solution of terrace areas and balconies takes place through the laying of concrete or terrazzo tiles on building pedestals. This is a great advantage over laying in a concrete bed, which eliminates the need for a wet procedure for installing concrete paving, installation is fast, efficient and the laid surface is accurate thanks to modern adjustable pedestals. The advantage of our large-area concrete and terrazzo paving is the low number of used adjustable pedestals on the laid surface. Depending on the shape of the laid area, the number of required pedestals is in the range of 3-4 pedestals / m2 of area - they are placed only in the corners of the laid tiles.

Technical solution of the terrace detail

However, the solution of small details during the actual laying was missing, especially the fronts of the terraces or the end of the laid area, so that all the details of the final surface were in the same design. This surface finish allows the use of special stainless steel clips, which are added to the front row of adjustable pedestals. With these clips, the cut face is properly and precisely anchored, depending on the height of the adjustable pedestal. The use of these clips and their assembly in the laid surface is very simple, both for the continuous face and for the assembly of the corner of the surface. The above solution can be seen from the attached photos.

The necessary cutting of the end elements according to the requirements of the building or the customer, as well as the necessary clips or setting pedestals can be supplied with our large-area terrazzo or concrete paving. We offer the necessary adjustable pedestals according to the specification, which is given in the section Adjustable pedestals.

Laying paving on rectifying targets
Laying paving on rectifying targets
Laying paving on rectifying targets
Laying paving on rectifying targets


The price for the tiles supplied to the customer depends on the amount of paving and transport costs. Please fill out the form below and we will send you a custom-made offer:

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