Durable floors Cidemat

Transport and packing

One of the basic features of terrazzo tiles is higher weight . This has to adapt to handling and transport with it. We offer to our customers the arrangement of transport and the delivery of our products to the place of implementation through cooperating carriers with whom we have long-term cooperation and know their quality (and last but not least, they know how to handle our products).

Technical conditions of product dispatch

Floor tiles The weight of the
1 piece (kg)
Number of pc
per 1 pallet
The number of m2
on 1 pallet
Pallet weight (kg)
MARGITA 5.0 188 16.92 960
TEREZA 6.0 156 14.04 960
RADKA 10.0 88 14.08 910
XENA 30.0 30 10.80 930
ORNELA 6.5 144 12.96 960
BEATRIX with embossing 7.5 140 12.60 1070
BEATRIX - glad 7.0 144 12.96 1030
BEATRIX large 32.0 30 10.80 960
Pebbles and terrazzo chipping 25 kg/sack 40 - 1000
  1. The expedition is carried out by trucks.
  2. The tiles are stored on a EUR (1200/800 mm) palette, overlaid with PP tapes, overlaid with PE foil and fixed with stretch foil. The palette is marked with a palette label.
  3. Fixing and packaging material is included in the price of the pavement. This material is made of recycled materials. Use the used packaging material for collection. For the disposal of packaging, a service fee has been paid to EKO-KOM a.s. under contract number EK - F06020136.
    In case of delivery of the fixing and packing material back to our factory we will take it free of charge. The fixing and packing material must be sorted before the takeover and must not be degraded by admixtures.
  4. These products are subject to the ES DECLARATION OF PRODUCT PERFORMANCE.
  5. Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
    Price of wooden palette (non-returnable) 1200/610 mm 150 CZK 182 CZK
    Price of EUR palette 1200/800 mm 400 CZK 484 CZK
    Pallet wear (upon return within 6 months) 50 CZK 61 CZK
  6. Natural material is processed during production. Over time, slight hue difference or minor change of pattern can occur due to the aging of the pavement and the used aggregate.

General terms of supply CIDEMAT HRANICE, s.r.o.

  1. CIDEMAT Hranice s.r.o. supplies the goods in the quantity, kind and terms agreed in the purchase contract or order. We consider your order as a draft Purchase Agreement.
  2. An integral part of the concluded purchase agreement is:
    • Pricelist
    • Technical conditions of product dispatch
    • General terms of supply
    • Complaints Procedure
  3. The direct purchases of goods by the buyer (or his authorized agent) are made after the submission of a power of attorney which authorizes the carrier to take over the goods. Terms of dispatch must be agreed by phone.
  4. For shipment of products on returnable wooden pallets the following conditions apply:
    • pallets are returned within 6 months from the date of shipment, the seller only accepts undamaged pallets - when the pallet is returned, the buyer is obliged to indicate the invoice number to which the pallets are returned
    • when pallets are returned and a return receipt is confirmed, a credit note will be reduced for the value of wear and tear - when the pallet is replaced, the price and wear are not charged
  5. Possible claims for visual defects are accepted by the seller in writing before paving and the claim is made according to the rules of claim.

Complaints Procedure

I. Quality of goods

  1. The tiles are delivered in accordance with and in compliance with the relevant binding technical standards and other technical conditions laid down in the sales contract
  2. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of the tiles expedition, unless otherwise stipulated in the sales contract.
  3. The conditions for storing the tiles are shown on the pallet´s label, which indicates each shipped palette of tiles. This ticket is at the same time a basis for the complaint procedure.

II. Applying liability for defects (complaints) and complaint proceedings

  1. Appropriate defects (damage to the packaging, quantity differences) is the buyer obliged to claim immediately upon receipt of the pavement and goods by a note on the delivery note or invoice. If not, the acceptance of the tiles and the goods is deemed to be free of obvious defects and deficiencies.
  2. Limestone efflorescence (white coating) is caused by the natural maturation of concrete, does not reduce the quality of the pavement and thus is not a reason for complaint.
  3. The buyer is obliged, in writing (with the accompanying photo documentation to prove defect or damage), to notify the seller - by email:cidemat@cidemat.cz without undue delay.
  4. Seller accepts claims for visual defects before paving, ie. tiles are on shipping pallets.
    After laying the tiles, the seller of the claims for visual defects does not accept.
  5. Seller is not responsible for defects caused by transportation, improper handling, improper storage and treatment of tiles.
  6. Discusses about the complaint will be initiated by the seller immediately upon receipt of a written complaint notice - notification of defective goods.
  7. Claims, including eventual removal of a defect, shall be handled by the seller within 30 days of the date of claim, unless the buyer agrees otherwise.