Durable floors Cidemat

Floor tiles

The floor panel is a sandwich of CETRIS cement chipboards, most often 10 or 12 mm thick, measuring 1,250×625 mm. The boards are glued with a half-groove with a width of 50 mm, according to the attached drawing. Gluing is done with hot melt glue, which has all the necessary hygienic parameters. The floor tile is used to make floating floors or to renovate old floors, or to lay them on beams. The mentioned floor panel can also be made from other thicknesses of CETRIS boards, or they can be supplemented with step insulation made of EPS, XPS or softboard.

We can also produce other dimensions of the floor part or other designs. Send us your requirements.

The floor tiles are stored on a pallet measuring 1,300×630 mm in the quantity of 40 pieces. The weight of the pallet is 850 kg.

Floor tile sketch