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Pedestals for laying pavement

Laying paving on rectifying targets

The current modern solution of terrace areas and balconies takes place through the laying of concrete or terrazzo tiles on building pedestals. This is a great advantage over laying in a concrete bed, which eliminates the need for a wet procedure for installing concrete paving, installation is fast, efficient and the laid surface is accurate thanks to modern adjustable pedestals. The advantage of our large-area concrete and terrazzo paving is the low number of used adjustable pedestals on the laid surface. Depending on the shape of the laid area, the number of required pedestals is in the range of 3-4 pedestals / m2 of area - they are placed only in the corners of the laid tiles.

Fixed pedestals

There are pedestals with a fixed height, which are used for dry laying of terrazzo and concrete paving on insulated balconies, terraces, loggias and roofs. The pedestals are made of durable plastic. They are laid on PVC insulation. Minor height adjustments can be made by inserting the pad. Pedestals maintain a uniform gap width between tiles through which rainwater leaves. The laid surface can be easily disassembled and laid again at any time. The height of the pedestal is chosen according to the requirements of the building.

Pad H 2.5 mm, Ø 150 mm
Fixed pedestal H 10 mm, Ø 150 mm
Fixed pedestal H 15 mm, Ø 150 mm
Fixed pedestal H 20 mm, Ø 150 mm
Fixed pedestal H 30 mm, Ø 150 mm