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Features of terrazzo stairs

The huge advantage of terrazzo stairs is not only a wide selection of variants, but also their particular production. We are able to offer precise shapes and patterns according to the needs of each building.
Stairs and other terrazzo products are manufactured and delivered according to the standard ČSN EN 13 748 - 1.2.

  • Weight is about 30 kg/rm (running meter)
  • We can also produce stairs or terrazzo products of special shapes and sizes - custom made
  • Products can be made of the grey and white cement, coloured according to requirements of the mass
  • Products can be manufactured in special terrazzo designs according to customer specifications – confirmation of physical samples.

Before production, it is necessary to specify the pattern, shape, color and drawing of the element, ground surfaces, anti-slip treatment, the use of anchoring elements, the color design of the first and last step and other specific customer requirements.