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Terrazzo floors are practical, resistant to high point loads, tough, wear-resistant and very easy to operate everyday. The care and maintenance of large terrazzo floors in supermarkets and other public spaces, due to the large amount of material transported and the movement of people, is usually carried out by professional firms. They have the necessary machinery and equipment, as well as experience in the field of such maintenance and provide high-quality terrazzo flooring at very optimal operating costs.

On-site operations, due to high point loads and traffic, do only with transport means with polyurethane support and steering wheels! Transport and transportation of goods must not be carried on terrazzo surfaces by means of transport with absolutely hard wheels, eg with metallic, polyamide (nylon) or markedly damaged wheels (wheels with sharp edges, pressed stones and iron particles = scratch surface) .

Basic impregnation of installed terrazzo paving

Terrazzo tiles are a very solid and compact concrete element whose surface is ground on the technological line. Grinding is done under water and due to its properties, the necessity of proper maturing = surface strength, requirements for good laying and spraying, is not further dealt with by surface treatment. This coating = impregnation or fluatation must be done after laying and jointing of the floor on the site.

With this treatment, the surface of the terrazzo floor is closed (paving and joints), the micropores are filled, the brightness and beauty of the natural stone is increased and the resistance of the floor against the stains and soiling is increased generally. However, no impregnation will ensure 100% cleanliness of the floor if the affected areas are not settled in time immediately after the attack, especially against various substances such as spilled fruit juices, ketchup, wine, vinegar etc. These substances need to be cleaned in time and the affected areas thoroughly washed clean water.

If the impregnation is not performed during construction, after laying, we recommend that you perform the following workflow additionally:

  1. Mechanically, remove scraps of any coarse impurities (remnants of jointing compound, contamination after construction, chewing gum). We will carefully remove the floor.
  2. Perform a proper washing of the floor with a cleaning machine equipped with a pad. We often change the water if it is very polluted. We use neutral detergents for cleaning, pH = 7. If dirt and stains remain on the floor and are not removed prior to impregnation, the impregnation will only be highlighted and remain on the floor.
  3. Once the cleaned floor has dried, apply one or two layers of impregnation agent to the terrazzo flooring - as instructed. We process and dilute the impregnating agent according to the manufacturer's instructions - there are a large number of manufacturers and individual types of impregnation agents for the treatment of terrazzo floors.

Our company has long been working with Bellinzoni, a specialist in impregnation and surface treatment of natural stone and terrazzo. To impregnate terrazzo and terrazzo products, it recommends:

For basic washing laid terrazzo floor, prior to impregnation:

Neutral concentrated detergent for deep cleaning of marble, granite, terrazzo and other natural and artificial stones.
Technical sheet of cleaner

Highly concentrated cleaning agent to remove oils, greases, coatings and other coatings, metallised, acrylic or solvent waxes.
Technical sheet of cleaner

To ensure high gloss of laid terrazzo floor

Polishing agent using NANOTECH technology. Ideal for polishing and reinforcing marble, terrazzos and sandstone floors.
Especially suitable after priming with DURALMAX
Technical sheet of the polisher

For special impregnation of laid terrazzo paving and terrazzo products

Transparent water and oil repellent protective impregnating agent to prevent staining. NANOTECH technology for protecting buildings from marble, granite and other types of stone against the penetration of water, moisture, oil or grease.
Technical sheet of impregnation

Strong darkening water and oil repellent protective impregnating agent for marble, black terrazzo, granite, and other types of stone against water, moisture, oil or grease penetration.
Technical sheet of impregnation

Strongly darkening water and oil repellent protective impregnating agent for marble, granite and other types of stone against water, moisture, oil or grease penetration.
Technical sheet of impregnation

For special design impregnation - surface strengthening

Impregnation and sealant using NANOTECH technology to protect and strengthen marble, terrazzo, sandstone, gypsum and other, especially calcareous stones.
To increase gloss, use the DURALBRILL polisher.
Technical sheet of impregnation

Everyday treatment of laid terrazzo floors

  1. Remove any spilled liquids and any stains from the floor as soon as possible before they dry out. The most burdensome stains caused by the dirt of glued chewing gum and sweets should first be treated with a pallet knife or similar tool. Unless there is a rapid and proper removal of stains from foods that have an acid base (vinegar, preserves, corrosive cleansers), a chemical reaction occurs with terrazzo tiles. This will cause the surface of the tile to be roughened into dirt, and the resulting stain is darker.
  2. Remove all loose dirt from the surface with a long soft brush or ideally with a "V" scissors.
  3. Wash the floor using clean water and neutral detergent (pH = 7) mixed exactly according to the manufacturer's instructions. A cleaning machine with two tanks should be used - one for clean water and one for removing contaminated water. If this is not possible, it is necessary to regularly replace the cleaning water to ensure good removal of the impurities. Also, take care to properly drain the water while washing, as if the water remains on the surface, this area becomes slippery and may cause a fall. The best result is achieved with the use of automatic cleaning washers (sponges), which must be regularly cleaned and inspected to avoid damage to the floor surface.

Basic principles of proper cleaning and maintenance:

    • Do not use acids or alkaline-based cleaners as these may damage the floor surface or disrupt the cement base.
    • Do not use high soap cleaners that can cause the floor to become slippery.
    • Do not use disinfectants as these may cause stains on the pavement.
    • Do not use steel brushes and wires that can damage the floor surface.

For quality floor washing, Bellinzoni offers:

Two-phase cleaner for quick and easy maintenance of natural stones and agglomerates. In one step, it also cleans the polish - easy to wash the floor of the terrazzo.
Technical sheet of cleaner

GTX TILE & GROUT CLEANER - Jointing cleaner
Special cleaner without organic solvents for cleansing joints and jointing.
Do not damage the gloss of polished marble. Environmentally friendly - EC ECOLABEL certificate

If you need to do a large wash area, use one of the detergents before applying the impregnation - see mentioned above.

Renovation of the terrazzo floor - any repairs

Terrazzo floors can be renovated due to the terraced flooring properties and the terraced flooring process, very cheaply and with a high effect for the user. For their durability and good care, they overcome many other flooring materials.

Unlike other surfaces, the terrazzo flooring can be restored using the method of grinding or overgrowing the floor and then restoring the impregnation to restore the floor to its original appearance (again as a new one). The advantage is that the renovated floor is absolutely flat, without any inequality. This work is done by a professional company that has the necessary machinery and knowledge. The advantage is that this restoration of the terrazzo floor can only be done with a partial limitation of traffic on this floor.

For repairing any surface defects and damaged area, two-component dyed (terrazzo-colored) or transparent polyester sealants are most commonly used. The putties are fast-setting and practically immediately after the repair it is possible to make the final treatment by grinding the repaired area.

Technical data sheet

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