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Terrazzo tile smooth ground

Highly tiled flooring for use in the construction of durable floors in passages, corridors and atriums of office buildings, administrative centers, schools and hospitals. Terrazzo tiles are two-layer. The lower core layer is composed of river gravel and Portland cement, the upper tread layer is composed of marble or terrazzo chipping of different colours and fractions. The Portland cement white or gray is used as a binder in the tread layer. This layer can be dyed in color by suitable colour pigments.

400x400x27 mm
Tile weight
10 kg


Terrazzo flooring can be laid in the interiors and exteriors of shopping centers, railway halls, schools, hospitals, entrance halls, etc. (pavements with white cement in particular). Terrazzo paving is also suitable for industrial halls, warehouses, laundries, farm buildings, garages, workshops, cellars, etc. (mainly with gray cement)

Need wall strips? To finish the floor, we produce wall strips in different designs.

Technical specification

Dimensions (mm)
The weight of the tile (kg)
Basis weight (kg.m-2)
Tensile strength after bending (N.mm-2)
min. 5
Abrasion (cm3.50 cm-2)
max. 26
Number of tiles on a pallet
Number of m2 per pallet
The weight of pallet (kg)
Water absorption
Content of Ra 226 (Bg/kg)
Slip resistance


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6. 5. 2020

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